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Once upon a time there was a carrot, but it wasn’t orange. The typical color of this vegetable was in fact decided by Dutch farmers in the 16th and 17th centuries in honor of William of Orange, the founder of the reigning Dutch dynasty that gave Holland its independence.

There are carrots and carrots. The original varieties, originating in Afghanistan, were mostly violet or purple, but also yellow, red or black, and thanks to cross-breeding, the zealous and ingenious Dutch farmers managed to skew its color towards the orange we all know (which also distinguishes Dutch national sports teams).

The new orange carrot spread throughout the world, having greater success than its purple ancestor, both because of its sweeter taste and thanks to its more agreeable look.

Creativi a Monti offers its services to those who want to work in Italy, as a perfect partner to effectively present their products in a tastier and more attractive way.


As well as delicious creativity we offer a full range of services to help break through cultural barriers.

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