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15-22 MAY


For info contact POLINA KHOVAEVA,

Carotene is a potent active ingredient, the superpower of the carrot. It aids sight, enhances the complexion and, as an antioxidant, also keeps you young. It’s a hidden ability that gives the carrot its extra kick and the capacity to take things to another level. The task of the challenge was to interpret the carrot and its added oomph. Arte al Carotene was a call for artists to express and explode, through the iconography of carrots or through its color or by visualizing carotene's extra ability, the added active principle at the base of their art.

The works were exhibited from 15th to 22nd of May at the Sacripante Art Gallery in Monti, Rome. For a week their skills were be voted on by visitors to the exhibition and online on Facebook and Instagram.

The winner of the Challenge was Visioni al Carotene by Caterina Giglio and was awarded the 1st Arte al Carotene Victor Ludorum.

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