The works present on this site are examples of projects created by members of the Creativi a Monti team together or separately in other advertising agencies or other companies.
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From jingles to sound tracks for commercials or films, all with a happy ending, to the dj set for your event. We give a special rhythm to your communication or a triumphant musical comment to your short or long block buster. And if you want a radio format or a screenplay, as well as the music we'll put pen to paper to write them.

Reel with exampes of cinematographic music and sound design
Radio Formats:
Il Bar Sport a Napoli #3 - Peppino 'o storico
Il Bar Sport a Napoli #7 - I ciucci azzurri
Il Bar Sport a Napoli #9 - 'O casatiello
Jingles and spot music:
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